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Del Taco Menu Prices

Del Taco

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Del Taco Restaurants is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in American-style Mexican cuisine as well as American foods such as burgers, fries, and shakes. 

The Del Taco Menu Prices are not very expensive so if you want to have a low budget or high budget food then this one is proven a great choice for you.

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Del Taco History

Del Taco restaurant was opened by Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson in Yermo, California, on September 16, 1964, under the name “Casa Del Taco.”

Del Taco’s standard menu includes Tacos, Mission burritos, Mexican-style cuisine, Salads, Hamburgers, French fries, and Milkshakes.

Then After In February 1989, Del Taco merged their restaurants with the 171 Naugles’ Mexican fast food outlets.

After that In 2004, the Del Taco was purchased by the private Nashville, Tennessee-based Sagittarius Brands, LLC.

On June 30, 2015, Del Taco was purchased by Levy Acquisition Corporation and became a public company. As of after January 1, 2019, the chain has operated in 15 states and has 580 locations.

Del Taco Menu with Prices

Del Taco Burritos

Item Name Price
Classic Grilled Chicken Burrito $3.29
Del Beef Burrito $3.29
8 Layer Veggie Burrito $3.09
Del Combo Burrito $3.19
Spicy Grilled Chicken Burrito $3.19

Del Taco Tacos & More

Item Name Price
Flatbread Taco (Chicken) $2.89
Flatbread Taco (Steak) $3.19
Beer Battered Fish Taco $2.29
Nachos $1.29
Macho Nachos (Beef) $4.29
Macho Nachos (Chicken $4.69
Macho Nachos (Steak) $4.99
Chicken Cheddar or Chicken Spicy Jack Quesadilla $3.29
Turkey Taco (Crunchy or Soft) $1.39
Cheddar or Spicy Jack Quesadilla $2.29
Street Taco (Chicken) $1.99
Street Taco (Carne Asada Steak) $2.29

Del Taco Fresca Bowls

Item Name Price
Green Chile Chicken with Avocado $4.79
Pollo Asado with Avocado $4.79
Avocado Veggie $4.09

Del Taco Specials

Item Name Price
Carne Asada Combo Burrito $4.49
Carne Asada Combo Burrito – Meal $7.29
Carne Asada Street Taco $2.29
Carne Asada Street Taco – Meal $6.99

Del Taco American Grill

Item Name Size  Price
Cheeseburger   $1.79
Del Cheeseburger   $2.29
Double Del Cheeseburger   $3.39
Bacon Double Del Cheeseburger   $3.89
Carne Asada Fries (Limited Time)   $4.99
Chili Cheddar Fries   $2.99
Crinkle-Cut Fries Regular $1.79
Crinkle-Cut Fries Medium $1.99
Crinkle-Cut Fries Macho $2.49
Deluxe Chili Cheddar Fries   $3.29

Del Taco Epic Burritos

[Meal Includes Medium Drink]

Item Name Price
Epic Chicken Chipotle Ranch Burrito $5.29
Epic Chicken Chipotle Ranch Burrito – Meal $6.69
Epic Carne Asada Burrito (Limited Time) $6.29
Epic Carne Asada Burrito – Meal (Limited Time) $7.99
Epic Cali Steak & Guacamole Burrito $5.09
Epic Cali Steak & Guacamole Burrito – Meal $6.69
Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito $5.29
Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito – Meal $6.99
Epic Steak & Potato Burrito $5.29
Epic Steak & Potato Burrito – Meal $6.69

Del Taco Buck & Under Menu

Item Name Size  Price
Grilled Chicken Taco   $1.00
Mini Cheddar Quesadilla   $0.59
Freshly Made Bean & Cheese Cup   $0.89
Salsa Verde Nachos (Limited Time)   $1.00
Salsa Fresca Chicken Taco (Limited Time)   $1.00
Chili Cheese Nachos   $1.00
Mini Bacon Quesadilla   $0.79
Chicken Roller   $1.00
Double Beef Classic Taco   $1.00
Brewed Iced Tea 30 oz. $1.00
1/2 lb. Bean & Cheese Burrito   $1.00
Jacked Up Value Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito   $0.89
Regular Taco   $0.69
Crunchtada Tostada   $1.00
Real Strawberry Lemonade   $1.00

Del Taco 2 for $5

[Get 2 of the Same Classic Burritos for 1 Low Price]

Item Name Size  Price
Burritos 2 Pc. $5.00

Del Taco Fiesta Pack

Item Name Price
6 Grilled Chicken Tacos & 6 1/2 lb. Bean & Cheese Burritos $11.99
6 Regular Tacos & 6 1/2 lb. Bean & Cheese Burritos $8.99
6 Classic Tacos & 6 1/2 lb. Bean & Cheese Burritos $11.99

Del Taco Handcrafted Ensaladas

Item Name Price
Signature Taco Salad $5.49
Signature Taco Salad & Small Drink $6.99
Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad $5.49
Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad & Small Drink $6.99
Mexican Chopped Chicken Salad $5.49
Mexican Chopped Chicken Salad & Small Drink $6.99

Del Taco Quick Combos

[Includes Small Drink and Fries. Medium Upgrade $0.59 & Macho Upgrade $1.19]

Item Name Price
Double Del Cheeseburger $6.39
Spicy Grilled Chicken Burrito & Grilled Chicken Taco $6.79
Macho Combo Burrito $6.89
Macho Burrito $4.69
Del Combo Burrito $5.99
2 Double Beef Classic Tacos & Cheddar Quesadilla $5.79
Classic Grilled Chicken Burrito $6.39
2 Grilled Chicken Tacos $5.29
Del Beef Burrito & Double Beef Classic Taco $6.79
2 Double Beef Classic Tacos $5.29
2 Beef Battered Fish Tacos $6.79

Del Taco Kids Meal

[Meal Includes Kid’s Fries, Drink, & a Treat]

Item Name Price
Kid’s Regular Taco Meal $3.59
Kid’s Quesadilla Meal $3.59
Kid’s Hamburger Meal $3.59
Kid’s Value Bean & Cheese Burrito Meal $3.59

Del Taco Breakfast

Item Name Size Price
Sausage Breakfast Taco   $1.00
Bacon Breakfast Burrito   $1.29
Carne Asada Breakfast Taco (Limited Time)   $1.79
Hashbrown Sticks 5 Pc. $1.00
Hashbrown Sticks 8 Pc. $1.50
Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco   $0.79
Breakfast Burrito   $0.89
Bacon Breakfast Taco   $1.00
Minute Maid Orange Juice   $1.69
Epic Scrambler (Sausage or Bacon)   $3.99
Epic Scrambler (Sausage or Bacon) – Meal   $5.49
Bacon & Egg Quesadilla   $2.59
Bacon & Egg Quesadilla – Meal   $4.39
Epic Scrambler (Carne Asada Steak)   $4.49
Epic Scrambler (Carne Asada Steak) – Meal   $5.49
1/2 lb. Steak & Egg Burrito   $3.59
1/2 lb. Steak & Egg Burrito – Meal   $5.29
1/2 lb. Sausage or Bacon & Egg Burrito   $3.09
1/2 lb. Sausage or Bacon & Egg Burrito – Meal   $4.79
Iced Prima Java Coffee   $1.00
Hot Prima Java Coffee   $1.39
Mini Bacon Quesadilla   $0.79
Milk   $1.50
Egg & Cheese Burrito   $2.29
Egg & Cheese Burrito – Meal   $4.39

Del Taco Desserts & Drinks

Item Name Size Price
Chocolate Chip Cookies 1 Pc. $0.89
Chocolate Chip Cookies 3 Pc. $1.80
Premium Shakes (Vanilla, Strawberry, or Chocolate)   $2.99
Soft Drink Small $1.79
Soft Drink Medium $1.99
Soft Drink Macho $2.39
Caramel Cheesecake Bites 2 Pc. $2.39
Caramel Cheesecake Bites 4 Pc. $4.29
Cinnamon Churros   $1.00
Bottled Water   $1.49

Del Taco Hours

Here I have listed the brief details about the Del Taco Opening & Closing Hours. So must check the Del Taco Hours Of Operation first before visiting any of their locations.

Monday 10:00AM-2:00AM
Tuesday  10:00AM-2:00AM
Wednesday  10:00AM-2:00AM
Thursday  10:00AM-2:00AM
Friday  10:00AM-2:00AM
Saturday  10:00AM-2:00AM
Sunday  10:00AM-2:00AM

Del Taco Locations

Searching for Del Taco Near Me locations then have a look here and get all your Del Taco Locations Map details very well via using the google map. you can also get the map details of Del Taco via using their store locator’s from the official site too.

Del Taco Nutrition

Take a look here and grab your one of favorite Del Taco Nutrition Menu details briefly to enjoy or maintain your healthy diet very well.

Del Taco Nutrition Facts

Del Taco Additional Informations

Del Taco Customer Service – 1 (800) 852-7204

Del Taco Website –

Del Taco Contact Us

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FAQs For Del Taco

What’s Del Taco secret menu?

Del Taco PriceDel Taco Price

The Del Taco secret menu includes Go Bold, the Bun Taco, a Combo Cup, a Green Bean Machine, a Stoner Burrito, and a Cheesy Burrito.

What is the lowest calorie food at Del Taco?

Jacked Up Value Bean, Rice and Cheese Burrito, has the lowest calories foods at the Del Taco.

Is Del Taco cheaper than Taco Bell?

Del Taco MenuDel Taco Menu

Yes, Del Taco prices are little cheaper than Taco Bell prices when you compare single items like regular tacos.

What is a stoner burrito at Del Taco?

The stoner burrito of Del Taco is made with a 1/2-pound bean-and-cheese burrito-bohemoth with red sauce, special sauce, and crinkle-cut fries in it.

Does Del Taco serve their full menu all day?

Yes, Del Taco is serving the lunch and dinner menu items all day long 24/7 to their customers.

What is in Del Tacos Queso?

Del Tacos Queso are Made with real cheese, real milk, jalapeños and heavy cream.

What is in a Del Taco breakfast burrito?

Del Taco breakfast burrito is made with freshly scrambled eggs, hand-grated cheddar cheese, zesty red sauce and your choice of Mexican chorizo sausage, crispy bacon or egg & cheese only, in a warm flour tortilla.